I’m always open to working with like-minded people sharing ideas and linking networks. I’ve collaborated with a number of brands in this way, generating high profile PR campaigns. These are the sort of projects I’ve been involved in:

Persil’s ‘dirt is good’ kids cooking campaign, creating a number of recipes which I then had a lot of fun filming.

I’ve been very honoured to work with The Children’s Food Trust as an ambassador, providing blog content as well as representing the charity both on national news as well as at speaker events

I was asked by Tesco to help launch their ‘farm to fork’ Eat Happy campaign, filming a number of recipes to be used as school resources.

I’m often asked to come up with creative online content, working to a specific brief. Here’s an example for parenting site, Netmums on a ‘kids creative baking’ theme.

I’ve also worked with key brands in helping them grow their social media channels. Unilever have been a key client hiring me as a social media manager for their Flora Buttery brand. I helped launch their Facebook page growing it very quickly to over 70,000 ‘likes’ in Year 1. Here’s one of the recipes I developed and presented for their YouTube channel:

In 2012 I worked with luxury family travel operator Scott Dunn in creating a new children’s menu and setting up a pop up kids cook school. This created a fantastic PR campaign for the client as these examples show.