“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations” — Bill Gates

My view is that an experienced and connected journalist is perfectly placed to ‘sell’ a PR campaign (to another journalist). I’ve been asked to work with some fantastic brands (almost always on referral from previous happy clients) creating bespoke PR plans and putting these into action – achieving national press exposure and in turn raising a client’s profits as well as their visibility. When a PR campaign works it can have dramatic results.

I’m happy to talk about either short-term project-based work or retained consultancy. I pride myself on having a fashionably up-to-date little black book with a flexible and affordable approach. I always cap my clients in order that I can devote the requisite amount of hours and energy and generally work from home, in a quiet and dedicated office space here in Somerset.

Previous happy customers include Rockliffe Hall, Holiday Nanny, Padpod, and Symprove. I can share press clippings for all – such as this one.